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At STARS, our focus is on providing to our durable medical equipment clients the complete solution for the whole DME process that meets the specific needs of their patients, and allow them to bill the orders in the shortest time possible without issues of any type, while also ensuring the highest level of comfort, safety and efficiency for the patients. Our verification department is responsible for reviewing and approving all orders for equipment before they are processed and delivered, ensuring that everything is in line with Medicare and private insurance guidelines, as well as HIPAA compliance. We work closely with doctor offices to ensure that prescriptions are up-to-date and that patients receive the right equipment for their individual needs.

Are you tired of receiving returned packages because the patient said they never ordered anything?

Are you having trouble verifying your patients because they never answer the phone after you receive an order from a marketer?

Do you have problems trying to bill your orders with Medicare or private insurance because your orders have wrong codes or simply do not meet the minimum requirements to be paid?

Is it difficult for you to generate orders? 

Don't be discouraged, you haven't had the proper counsel!

Please take a look of this video and you can see our contact information here, we will wait for your call...

If you are a Primary Care Physician and have issues with complaints of patients saying that you've signed a prescription for them and you never did? Please call us, we are starting a plan for 2024 to shut down scammers that are ruining this industry!

Having issues with your marketing plan?


Are you a licensed Healthcare agent?

We are in the middle of open enrollment high season; when you should do your greatest number of enrollments, how are your numbers?

Do you have enough work?


We hope so! we are happy to know that you are doing very well! However, if the scenario is the opposite and you are getting junk leads, then we are the answer to your problem.

Are you worried about the source of the leads we offer you and the quality?

You dont have to worry! This leads are opt-in and we have screened them for medicare A and B to be active, DNC disclosure, and high interest in exploring a new health plan.

We have 15 years experienced working on the Healthcare System and that's why we know what to do and what not to do... making money and not wasting your time is what we offer you!

Contact us through the contact buttons at the end of the page, so that we can set up a free trial for you! 


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